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Adam Schein Rips Seattle Seahawks' Sad, Pathetic Quarterback Competition

Kyle Koster
Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks probably made the right call in cutting ties with Russell Wilson even after all the on-field success and hokey motivational speeches. Yet a crucial element of the plan seems to have been lost along the way somewhere as the team heads into 2022 with a fierce quarterback competition between two players who don't inspire much fear into opponents. Going from a future Hall of Famer to either Drew Lock or Geno Smith is the type of buzzkill usually reserved for stumbling out of a night of partying and into the blindingly bright morning. And yet here the Seahawks find themselves without a No. 1 option as the all-important preseason comes to a close.

So one could say there's some intrigue. But is intrigue really the right word when either option is uninspiring? What are the rules for this type of thing?

Adam Schein addressed the situation last night and didn't mince words.

Sad. Embarrassing. Pathetic. Brutal. Disaster. His words, not mine. Although I'll probably co-sign them when the Seahawks begin 2-6.

What's crazy about the way Seattle has gone about this thing is there's just no spinning it. They went shopping at the neighborhood's corner store and returned with a plastic bag containing two random sprockets that won't do anything. They had a big test coming up and failed to study it but did procure the answers from a different school's test. Technically they did something yet it won't really amount to anything.

Pete Carroll is a genius. Or maybe he's not. Honestly, it's not really fair to judge him based on what either Lock or Smith do this year.

Should be a fun autumn up in the Northwest.