Adam Schefter Seems Awfully Confident Washington's NFL Team is Going to Change Its Name

Terry McLaurin of the Washington Football Team
Terry McLaurin of the Washington Football Team / Will Newton/Getty Images

The calls for Dan Snyder to change the name of his football team have never been louder than they have been over the last few days. But it's no longer just regular, justified public outcry. Snyder's biggest financial supporters are calling for change.

FedEx, the company that sponsors Washington's stadium, asked Snyder to change it on Thursday. Lawmakers won't let him build a new stadium on their federally-owned land until they change it. Investors worth $620 billion wrote to Nike, FedEx, and Pepsi requesting they end their partnership with Washington if the name is not changed.

As it turns out, money does indeed talk. Washington announced today they were undergoing an internal review of the name, and could change it, although they did not commit to doing so. Adam Schefter, however, is extremely confident change is coming, and soon.

He is probably right. Snyder likely thinks a review is as good as a capitulation to the masses, so if he agreed to that, it's probable that it's more than a PR move.

As I am not an optimistic soul after the last four months, I'll believe it when I see it. Rich people are historically rather stubborn. Snyder's money and standing with the public is very much at stake here, but nobody can make him do anything. Relying on billionaires to do what's right hasn't worked out so great in recent history. This is, however, a bigger step than any other that has been taken in the franchise's history. Hopefully Schefter is right, and it's a sign of change to come.