Adam Schefter: Doug Pederson is Contemplating Benching Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz benched.
Carson Wentz benched. / Elsa/Getty Images

Body language and verbal signals can tell you a lot about the thoughts circulating around a person's brain. Journalists use those cues to read past the typical humdrum that emanates from the mouths of those they cover. Based on Doug Pederson's recent comments about Carson Wentz and the way he delivered them, Adam Schefter believes the Eagles are, at minimum, considering a change at quarterback.

On Wednesday, Pederson was asked if he was considering a change at quarterback. He initially hesitated to name Wentz the starter and tried to dance around the subject with coach lingo about being focused only on today. Eventually (reluctantly?) he said Wentz will start this week.

That dog and pony show led Schefter to opine that Pederson is ready to consider a chance at QB.

It's been a disastrous year for Wentz, who leads the NFL in interceptions with 14 and fumbles with 10. His play has been costly for the 3-6-1 Eagles, who currently lead the NFC East by a half-game, but have lost at least two games strictly because of Wentz's turnovers and inconstant throwing in general (he's completing only 58.3% of his passes).

Meanwhile the Eagles used a second-round pick to select Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts in the 2020 NFL Draft. While Hurts wasn't expected to start a year after the Eagles gave Wentz a four-year, $128 million deal, Wentz's performance meltdown this year has opened the conversation. Many believe now is the time to give Hurts a chance to start, including myself.

The benefits are obvious. Not only can the Eagles evaluate whether Hurts is NFL ready now, but they can begin to plan their future based on that assessment. Perhaps they have their quarterback of the future in Hurts. Perhaps not. But it seems obvious to anyone with eyes that Wentz has taken a major step back this season and may never be the same quarterback again.