Four NBA Destinations for Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, waiting for an NBA team to call.
Adam Sandler, waiting for an NBA team to call. / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

Noted comedian and actor Adam Sandler simply loves to ball. In addition to creating movie shoots that bring him and all of his buddies to a gorgeous destination, he routinely scouts out the nearest court on which to impress onlookers with his pass-first, fundamentally sound game. It's one of those things that people from all walks of lives and points of view love to see.

Considering this and how COVID protocols have decimated NBA teams, the smart PR department over at MyBookie got to work creating some odds for a world in which the Sandman finds himself playing meaningful professional basketball at the ripe age of 55. It should be noted that simply remaining a star in the world of entertainment is the heavy favorite at -10000.

Still, these destinations are worth considering in terms of fit and scheme.


Laugh if you want but this is a team that just went crawling back to Kyrie Irving and seems perfectly fine with allowing the mercurial guard to be a part-time player. Kevin Durant has played the second-most minutes league-wide and eventually there needs to be a load-management conversation. Patty Mills, Cam Thomas and David Duke Jr. are currently the only three healthy guards with the big club and Sandler stealing eight minutes or so to spell this trio could be a short-term solution.


Sandler would bring the median age of LeBron James' squad up, but only slightly. The Lakers just brought Isaiah Thomas into town so there's a willingness to address problems by adding those who were extremely popular in the early 1990s. We've all seen the actor's willingness to put his nose to the grindstone on defense, so perhaps filling the Avery Bradley role is something he could handle in short stretches.


Once again, the world's most famous arena is the scene of a meltdown as high expectations are diminishing by the day. Imagine a backcourt of Sandler and Kemba Walker out there, hell-bent on proving everyone wrong.


Hey, if we didn't know any better we'd think these were done specifically to capture the most attention in the league's biggest media markets. This makes all the sense in the world in terms of drumming up interest but we're not so sure messing with the chemistry established by this overachieving team is prudent — even for a guy like Sandler who could put up a 4.5 PER as a ceiling.