Adam Sandler Made a Jumper in a Pickup Game With NBA Players

Adam Sandler at an NBA run.
Adam Sandler at an NBA run. /

Adam Sandler recently participated in a pickup basketball game that featured multiple NBA players, including Trae Young, Tobias Harris, Jordan Clarkson, Aaron Gordon and Boban Marjanovic. You've probably seen it because just about everyone has thrown it on Twitter and because Adam Sandler playing with NBA players is social media catnip. If you haven't seen it, here's the original.

I only bring it up because the way it is presented is hilarious. To read these tweets you would think the Sandman was making it rain, but when you watch the video you see Sandler flash a peace sign and then hit one mid-ranger jumper. Will finishing an assist from Trae Young make his career highlight reel? Probably, but the evidence that Sandler is a bucket just does not exist in this video.

As usual, this is the part of the post where I express how much everyone here at TBL loves Sandler. We grew up with him making us laugh and now he's getting paid millions to make movies with his friends and in his spare time he just plays basketball with everyone from normal civilians to NBA players. So good for Sandler.

Now let's get back to work on Hubie Halloween 2. Thanks in advance.