Hiring Adam Gase Would Be a Surefire Way to Piss Off Every Seahawks Player

Adam Gase
Adam Gase / Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks started the year absolutely scalding offensively before falling off in the second half of the season. They still won the NFC West, but lost in their first playoff game against the divisional rival Los Angeles Rams. Russell Wilson, pegged as a strong MVP candidate halfway through the season, managed only 174 yards and two touchdowns with one interception while completing all of 40 percent of his passes in that loss.

Seattle finished in the middle of the pack in overall offensive statistics like total yards and yards per game in 2020. While the Seahawks' early-season numbers bordered on obscene, the complete product was a drop-off from 2019, when they finished top-10 in those same stats. That led to Pete Carroll's decision to fire offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer last week.

The team's star quarterback was not a fan. Wilson simply responded "No" when asked if he was in favor of Schottenheimer's dismissal, but did note he was all for his team getting better. Aggravating your franchise centerpiece is not recommended, but it's a move that could pay off if Carroll finds a replacement who will make Wilson's life easier and win Seattle football games.

So far, the search for such a replacement is off to a terrible start. Because the Seahawks reportedly have had discussions with Adam Gase to come in as OC. The same man is fresh off getting canned by the New York Jets after two seasons of utter ineptitude, offensive and otherwise. Oh, and he's the same guy that made Jamal Adams force a trade away from Gang Green.

This could certainly just be a case of due diligence. The Seahawks know Wilson is a top-five quarterback right now and want to capitalize on all the best years he has left. Casting a "wide net" as Jeremy Fowler describes it is not a bad idea at all.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to hire Gase. It would be a terrible idea. The man drove Jets fans absolutely insane with his playcalling, including (but not limited to) an inexplicable fondness for running the ball on second-and-long. A problem Seattle fans are very accustomed to and do not wish to have burdening them once more.

The Seahawks have a real chance to find a bright young mind to help revitalize their offense and keep Wilson happy. Hiring Gase, whose only real success has come with a literal Hall of Fame quarterback in Denver, would not be the means to that end. And again, Seattle gave up two first-rounders to land Adams. Who wanted out of New York to get away from Gase, if the reports were anywhere near accurate. The Jets experienced first-hand what it was like to have an unhappy Adams hanging around, and I cannot imagine they recommend it.

If Carroll is looking for a shortcut to making his most important players upset, then he's found it. Otherwise, he won't find any answers with Gase on his staff.