Adam Gase and Matt Patricia Locked in Tight Battle For Title of NFL's Worst Head Coach

Matt Patricia and Adam Gase, Detroit Lions v Miami Dolphins
Matt Patricia and Adam Gase, Detroit Lions v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

If we know anything about Adam Gase and Matt Patricia, it's that they're terrible head coaches. We have multiple years of evidence proving that, and both have had their teams open this season at 0-2. The pair is now locked in a battle to see who can earn the title of "Worst Head Coach in the NFL."

When Gase was hired by the New York Jets prior to the 2019 season, we already knew he wasn't a great head coach. The Miami Dolphins went 10-6 during his first season in South Beach back in 2016, but followed that up by going 6-10 and 7-9. Gase left a mess behind that necessitated a full-scale rebuild.

In his first year with the Jets, Gase posted a 7-9 record and seemed to step on landmines and create controversy everywhere. This offseason the Jamal Adams saga exposed the fact that Gase had lost the Jets' locker room. Now they've started 0-2 but, really, Gase probably doesn't care since when people criticized him previously he responds by saying, "I'm rich as f*ck."

Patricia isn't faring much better with the Detroit Lions. He was hired before the 2018 season in the hopes he could import some magic from the New England Patriots. That hasn't happened.

In his first season, the Lions went 6-10 and largely looked awful. In 2019, they went 3-12-1 and it was a disaster. Many believed he should have been fired after that, but Detroit opted to keep him around. So far in 2020, things aren't better, the Lions are 0-2. They allowed the Chicago Bears to come back from a 23-6 deficit to win in Week 1 and were smoked by the Packers 42-21 in Week 2.

Neither guy has even done well at his specialty.

During his first season with the Jets, Gase's offense ranked dead last in total yards (4,368), yards per play (4.6) and 31st in points per game (17.3).

In 2019, Patricia's defense ranked 31st in yards allowed (6,406), 25th in yards allowed per play (5.9) and 26th in points allowed per game (26.4). In 2018, the defense was better, ranking 10th in yards allowed (5,360), but landing in 22nd in yards allowed per play (5.7) and 17th in points allowed per game (22.5).

If neither guy is improving things on the side of the ball he specializes in and their teams are terrible, what, exactly, are they spending their time on?

Gase and Patricia are both awful and are likely to be the first NFL head coaches fired this season. But who is worse? Both seem to be completely lost and to have made a complete mess of things since their arrival.

Right now I'd say Gase is probably the worst coach in the NFL. His personality gives him the edge. No one seems to like him and he's completely lost his team. That said, Patricia isn't trailing him by much.