Aaron Rodgers Will Start at Quarterback for the New York Jets Soon and Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise!

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets / Elsa/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers is almost 100% healthy. You can tell because every Sunday when television stations send cameras to NFL stadiums to broadcast New York Jets games, Rodgers is shown arriving, walking into the stadium under his own power. Then he puts on sweats and heads out on the field to do football stuff. These are not the kinds of of things someone who just had his achilles repaired can do in less than two months.

On Monday night Rodgers was caught taking three-step drops before throwing the football, a sure sign that he can stand in a pocket this season and be fine. And if that video doesn't convince you, check out this one.

That's Rodgers after last night's game telling Derwin James that he'll be back in "a few weeks." Seems settled. Aaron Rodgers will be back in a few weeks. The only question is whether he'll play on Black Friday or he'll return against the Atlanta Falcons on December 3rd, which is four weeks from now.

You know why I'm so confident? Because this is a case of Aaron Rodgers versus the common accepted medical knowledge that says he'll be out until next season. And when it comes down to medical matters, you have to side with Aaron Rodgers over doctors. Especially when he consulted with doctors to make the decision to get surgery to repair his achilles and then trusted surgeons to fix the achilles and perscribe him pain medicine to deal with the effects of the surgery. That's the power of free thinking and access to great health care.

Now Rodgers is close to a return. Sure, the Jets aren't saying anything about him actually getting closer to being healthy enough to play, but that's only because they don't want to ruin Zach Wilson's confidence or tip their hand and let opponents know that someone capable of playing quarterback will be their quarterback. Sure, Rodgers hasn't been cleared to return to practice, but he's almost certainly very close to being ready to play!

It's been a rough season, but the prospect of putting Rodgers back out there behind a constantly changing offensive line that has surrendered the third-most sacks in the NFL must be something the Jets are very excited about. As are we all!