Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About Issues With Packers in Shockingly Honest Press Conference

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

After a very drawn-out and dramatic saga, the Green Bay Packers have made amends with Aaron Rodgers. The organization agreed to void the final year of Rodgers' contract in 2023 and, from the sounds of it, essentially promised to trade him next offseason if he's still displeased with how things are going. Rodgers showed up to the start of training camp yesterday looking very much like a man who didn't have a care in the world.

The thing is, we the people still don't have a complete understanding of what the problem actually was. It wasn't money-related. It clearly wasn't a "trade me or I'll retire" ultimatum. There were rumblings that Rodgers was unhappy with the way the franchise was run by Brian Gutekunst, but there wasn't anything particularly substantive. What, exactly, caused all this?

Rodgers was asked just that during his first press conference of the season. He did not hold back and gave a very explanatory and thorough breakdown of why he was unhappy with the Packers and what the future holds. He spoke at length on wanting some kind of input on important personnel decisions (like the hiring of Matt LaFleur and the unceremonious release of certain veterans) and his impression that he was a "lame-duck" in the eyes of an organization that wasn't committed to him past next year.

So ... yeah. Wow. Rodgers just made up for the months of silence by spilling all the beans in one entirely unfiltered and candid press conference. He came locked and loaded with names and details. I don't think anyone expected him to be quite this open.

I will say it doesn't really sound like these issues were resolved. They were certainly heard, and the Packers undoubtedly promised to be better, but he wouldn't have unloaded like this if everything was fine and dandy. Then again, it's impossible to find a quick and easy solution to discontent that has been building for years.

Rodgers will suit up in that familiar uniform next season. But there's still a lot to be worked out between him and Green Bay.