Aaron Rodgers Loves His Coaches, Teammates and Green Bay Fans So What's the Problem?

Aaron Rodgers and Kenny Mayne.
Aaron Rodgers and Kenny Mayne. /

Aaron Rodgers appeared on Kenny Manye's final SportsCenter ever on Monday night. It was good television as Rodgers tried to praise Mayne's ESPN career while Mayne tried to do his job and get Rodgers to say something about his current situation with the Green Bay Packers.

The entire 11-minute video is worth watching, but Mayne actually gets Rodgers to talk Packers at the 5:50-mark.

Here are Rodger's words.

It seems pretty clear that the front office, and probably most specifically general manager Brian Gutekunst, is the problem here. This is something that has been previously reported. Is it weird that Rodgers won't come out and say it? Or is it weirdly professional that he won't come out and say it? He says he loves Jordan Love. He loves the coaching staff and his teammates and the fans. That's pretty much everyone!

The crazy part is that Gutekunst has been with Green Bay since Rodgers was in high school. Gutekunst was a scout for the Packers from 1998 to 2011. Then he held a couple other positions before becoming the GM in 2018 and built two consecutive 13-win teams. What exactly isn't being done the right way?

The most obvious explaination is that Rodgers is mad that Gutekunst is trying to build for the post-Rodgers era. So why doesn't Gutekunst just trade him and get it started? And if "ownership" or whoever is above Gutekunst is the one stopping the trade from happening, they obviously need to get rid of the GM.

Something has to give. Rodgers seems ready to host Jeopardy! or start a band with Miles Teller or just spend his days wandering the earth going from vacation spot to vacation spot with his fiancée. Honestly, there are no bad options for Aaron Rodgers. His worst case scenario is not having to play football, which probably isn't the worst thing for a person.