ESPN's Rob Demovsky Jokes With Aaron Rodgers About Jake Kumerow

Aaron Rodgers laughing
Aaron Rodgers laughing /

Aaron Rodgers' well-publicized feud with the Green Bay Packers has come to an end -- for now. Rodgers will be under center in 2021 and the team promised to listen to him more when it comes to personnel decisions.

That promise will be put to the test soon, as cuts will begin on rosters across the NFL as training camp marches on. This is notable for the Rodgers saga because his ire was raised last year around this time when the Packers cut wide receiver Jake Kumerow after Rodgers expressed his appreciation for Kumerow's talents, which now reside in Buffalo. It was one of many dominoes that led to the narrative-dominating dispute of the 2021 offseason, and many watch with baited breath to see if Rodgers' input will actually be heeded this time around.

Now that everything is on the table, it leaves the window open for some jokes to be made. Like the kind ESPN's Packers beat reporter Rob Demovsky made to Rodgers during media availability on Wednesday. Rodgers told Peter King in his FMIA column that he was a fan of tight end Bronson Kaufusi's performance during training camp this year. Demovsky joked about his impending release as a result.

I thought Rodgers was going to give us a David Stern impression, choking on his water as he sipped it, but he kept it together long enough to laugh and mutter "Jesus, Rob."

If everyone can laugh about it, everything is fine! Probably. Green Bay should probably do their quarterback a solid and keep Kaufusi around. If only because he firmly belongs on the All-NFL Football Name team.