Someone Should Ask Aaron Rodgers If He's Been Golfing With John Elway

Aaron Rodgers golfing.
Aaron Rodgers golfing. / Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers and Denver Broncos president of football operations John Elway apparently recently played the same California golf course on the same day. Over the 24 hours, this story that started on a Denver Broncos' podcast a week ago has gone national thanks to the Pat McAfee Show. Here's what we know so far.

It all began on the May 14 episode of the DNVR Broncos' Three Ring Circus podcast. CBS Denver reporter Romi Bean appeared on the show and said that Rodgers had played a round of golf with Elway in California and that the pair also played poker together. Bean said that she heard this from two sources.

This story eventually made it to the Pat McAfee Show and McAfee discussed it with AJ Hawk on Wednesday, May 19. Then today, McAfee came back with an update after speaking with his own source.

After Wednesday's show, McAfee says a source, who may or may not work at the golf course, came to him and told him that Elway and Rodgers were in fact at the same golf course on the same day, but in two separate groups with tee times that were "very far apart."

Here's McAfee on his source: "The source who told me would know though. Now that person though could be lying to me. I'm not 100 percent sure. I don't know the person at all previously to this whole situation but I did do a little..." At this point he trailed off and made some hand gestures before adding, "So this person would know but could be lying to me. I'm not 100 percent sure."

So what we do know for sure is that Aaron Rodgers and John Elway did play golf at the same course on the same day. Whether they spoke or played together depends on who you ask. And speaking of asking, do we know anyone who might be able to ask Rodgers himself? It seems like if someone had an open line of communication with Aaron Rodgers, this could be cleared up very easily. If Rodgers was not golfing and playing poker with John Elway, you would think Rodgers would be happy to clear this up.