Was That Aaron Rodgers' Final Game With the Green Bay Packers?

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers lost the NFC Championship Game to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During Aaron Rodgers' postgame press conference, the Green Bay quarterback questioned head coach Matt LaFleur's decision to kick a field goal late in the fourth quarter. He also mentioned himself as one of the many guys on this year's Packers team whose future is "uncertain."

Rodgers has played his entire career with the Packers since they drafted him with the 25th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. He took over as starter in 2008. He's won two MVP awards and a Super Bowl. He's going to the Hall of Fame. Is he really going to play somewhere else next season?

Probably not.

Pro Football Network has a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the particulars of Rodgers' current deal, which runs through 2023. Rodgers is set to take up 20 percent of Green Bay's salary cap next season. If the Packers were to cut or trade Rodgers, he would be a huge burden on their cap. So if they really like Jordan Love, it would make the most sense to get rid of Rodgers after next season.

However, if you were a contender looking for a quarterback and were willing to give up the right young assets and/or draft picks, the Packers would have to listen. But if you're going to put together the kind of package that would actually move a superstar NFL quarterback, wouldn't you just get Deshaun Watson instead?

The idea that Aaron Rodgers would play somewhere else just seems insane. It's as outlandish an idea as Tom Brady finishing his career outside New England or Brett Favre playing somewhere besides Green Bay. OK, I guess those are bad examples.

Anything is possible. Maybe the Packers love Love so much that they get rid of the guy who took them to the conference championship game and led the league in touchdown passes, completion percentage, QBR, and quarterback rating. And they do this despite it being a huge financial no-no.

Look, humans make bad decisions. If Rodgers is wearing a Steelers, Jaguars or Jets (too on the nose by the way) jersey next season, well, somebody in Green Bay made a bad decision. It's a possibility, but it shouldn't be. The Packers can contend again and they can do it with Rodgers. Might he finish his career elsewhere? Possibly, but he should be in Green Bay when the next NFL season starts and finishes.