NFL Insiders Are Loving This Aaron Rodgers Joke

Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football
Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Tension is growing thicker by the moment as the world awaits a decision from Aaron Rodgers regarding what he'd like to do next with his football career. We're at the point where people are wading into the discourse to speculate on whether anyone knows what's going on or if we're all just flying blind and attempting to read the homeopathic crystals.

So Rodgers will either take the plunge and come to New York or he won't. And the Jets already know which way the wind is blowing or they don't. There is really no way to tell and it feels like we're just going round and round, getting no closer to any actual knowledge and frustrating a bunch of people in the process. Both the creation and consumption of content is not for the feint of heart in 2023.

When a news vacuum exists, the newsbreakers will do their best to fill it. Last week ESPN's Adam Schefter sent out what one blogger was brave enough to label a lame teaser about a Jets trade.

Poor Chuck Clark. Just trying to enjoy his existence as a solid veteran piece for a secondary and incurring the wrath of fans driven rabid by the perpetual Rodgers rumor mill and the desperate need for resolution.'s Ian Rapoport got into the fray minutes ago with a bold new take on an instant classic, alluding to news every Green Bay Packers fan has been waiting for. Only to drop a bomb about kick returner Keisean Nixon.

Now, to be perfectly clear, I do not begrudge either of these insiders. If you're not part of the conversation, you're outside the conversation. Don Draper might have said that or I am misremembering. It's a fun and low-stakes bit that dozens of people might enoy a small chuckle or mild guffaw over.

But this new trend does create an opportunity for some ombudsman work no one is asking to be done. There must be ethics in Twitter misdirection or we are lost as a society. So allow me to propose what feels like a perfectly reasonable guideline.

It is okay, as Rapoport did, to make the joke and follow through with the news in one tweet. Stretching it over two, which Schefter was bold enough to do, is edgier yet infinitely more frustrating. Some people are here for the hijinks. But even those game for chain-yanking don't enjoy having it yanked quite that hard. And over such a long period.

There's literally nothing more important going on in sports media so look for this hard-and-fast rule to be adopted by every orginization to be adopted by the time Rodgers pleasures us with his decision. Whenever that may be.