Adam Schefter Tweets Lame Teaser for a Jets Trade That Had Nothing to Do With Aaron Rodgers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The New York Jets acquired safety Chuck Clark in a trade with the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday morning. Adam Schefter tweeted a teaser before he announced the move saying, "And the Jets just agreed to a trade....," knowing full well that the world was waiting to find out if New York was really going to get Aaron Rodgers.

People were not thrilled when it came out seconds later that this had nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers.

It's kind of lame, but if Schefter wants to use his account to briefly troll people, that's his business. If you look through the replies and quote tweets for the tease, you'll find a mix or bemusement and annoyance. Your typical Schefter bomb, really.