5 New York Giants Coaching Candidates to Replace Pat Shurmur

Stephen Douglas
Jason Garrett and Daniel Jones after the Cowboys - Giants game.
Jason Garrett and Daniel Jones after the Cowboys - Giants game. / Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Giants fired Pat Shurmur after two seasons and just nine wins. The Giants have been to the playoffs just once since winning Super Bowl XLVI eight seasons ago. Is there a coach out there who can optimize Daniel Dimes and Saquon Barkley? Probably.

Ron Rivera/Mike McCarthy
Heavy interest from other teams. Rivera has been to a Super Bowl as a head coach and a coordinator. McCarthy won a Super Bowl with the Packers. Both guys should be coaching somewhere next season. Why not in the epicenter of it all?

Dan Campbell
A former Giants tight end, Campbell is currently the assistant head coach in New Orleans under Sean Payton. It's not the splashiest name, but if you're going to take a swing with somebody who doesn't have a ton of experience, this wouldn't be a bad direction.

Josh McDaniels
It's about time for McDaniels to get another shot. The Giants missed out on Bill Belichick many years ago, so they'll have to settle for his top assistant. But what if he brought a veteran starting quarterback with him from his current job? That would be the wildest possible outcome.

Matt Rhule
Rhule can have his pick of jobs. So if the Giants call and he's interested, the job is his. The Giants have a stud running back and might have a decent-to-good quarterback. You can build on that. The only question is whether or not Rhule wants to and right now it sounds like he doesn't.

Jason Garrett
Jerry Jones said that Garrett would be coaching in the NFL next season, so why not with the Giants? Garrett knows the NFC East. When he was a player he signed with the Giants after his time with the Cowboys ended. And there's always the possibility that he and Jerry have such a bond that he would take another job in the division as a sleeper cell.