The 49ers are Homeless and the NFL is to Blame

49ers helmet.
49ers helmet. / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Where in the world are the San Francisco 49ers going to play? That's what the Niners and the NFL are trying to figure out today in the wake of the news that new Santa Clara County health regulations will not allow the team to play or practice at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

Jay Glazer reported on the NFL on FOX that the Niners were looking at Cardinals Stadium in Arizona, which would mean they would have to be away from their families for five weeks because of rules about quarantining when returning to the county.

Meanwhile, USA TODAY reported that the 49ers and the NFL are looking at San Diego and the former home of the Chargers for their remaining home games. Or maybe Dallas.

Man, if only the NFL had months to prepare for something like this. The contingency plans that would allow them to push the Super Bowl back up to a month has still not been triggered despite the fact that the Baltimore Ravens are in the middle of a huge outbreak that might cause them to cancel games and the Broncos are about to play a game without an actual quarterback.

The fact that each individual team did not have multiple possible contingencies prepared for the possibility that something like this could happen is insane. What did they do while the NBA was on television for two months showing them the kind of steps that had to be taken to complete a season safely? The NFL really thought they could just put their heads down and QB sneak their way through a pandemic and now they are left scrambling to figure out something they should have been planning for since April.