2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final Version, With Joeckel-Fisher Going 1-2, and the Jets Getting Mingo and Eifert


Logic: I don’t think the Jags will wind up with Fisher – I think eventually, someone will cave on a trade. Which team? No idea. I can’t get a read on Chip Kelly at 4, and anyone who claims to, is lying. I think the Lions get their CB in the 2nd round, but can’t pass up the freak potential in Jordan.

Logic: Browns and Bills are tough reads, and the Jets at 9 are too, because they have so many needs. LB for Buffalo has been a popular idea for me since January, when the season was over. I just can’t fathom the Bills taking a QB (Nassib) 8th overall. Post-Combine I had Mingo falling to the Jets (before it became popular), and I’m sticking with it.

11. San Diego Chargers – Chance Warmack, G, Alabama
12. Miami Dolphins – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
13. Jets (via Tampa Bay) – Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame*
14. Carolina Panthers – Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
15. New Orleans Saints – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

Logic: Milliner slides a bit, as I had him going 5th since January. I’d love the Jets to get Eifert, and it’s a need, but I’m not sure they’d pull the trigger on him, given their needs at safety (Vaccaro) and corner (Rhodes). Trading down wouldn’t surprise me (I actually advocate that), nor would drafting Austin. Is the trade asterisk by the Jets me hedging a bit? Who can tell.

Logic: Patterson could be the offensive ROY, and Jones going to a smart team like the Steelers is scary. Richardson to Dallas seems like the only lock in this batch. Well, unless you count the Giants drafting a DE. And Cam Newton + Steve Smith + Tavon Austin = lookout.

Logic: As many have noted, the Vikings love Irish players (have four) and the media there won’t give Manti much static about the fake girlfriend. So I caved and gave him to Minnesota. If he falls past the Vikings, everything out of Baltimore seems to say Te’o. Two DJs in a span of three picks? Sure, why not.

Logic: No, I don’t think the Packers or Broncos take QBs. I do think both trade down to acquire more picks as two teams – Jacksonville and Buffalo? – move up to get the QB they didn’t want to grab early. I fully expect the Texans to take a receiver, and San Francisco (which grabbed one last year) too … if the 49ers don’t move. I do think the 49ers trade out of this spot. My shocker will be the 49ers giving up multiple picks to move up into the Top 15 of the draft for someone. Wouldn’t it be fun if they packaged a lot of picks to go up to 13 and get Tavon Austin? They’ve got so many picks, 75 percent of the picks may not even make the team.