10 Worst Umpires in Major League Baseball

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Angel Hernandez
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1. Angel Hernandez

Yes, Anel Hernandez continues to top this list and remains the worst umpire in all of baseball. He's so bad MLB has actually admitted it. Hernandez missed more of the 2023 season due to a medical issue, but when he was on the field, he was just as bad as always. Given how bad he is behind the plate, he may actually be the worst umpire in the sport's history.

Hernandez only got in 10 games behind the plate so he didn't qualify for our standard of 20 games stats-wise. But if he did, his rankings would be horrible. His call accuracy rate of 92 would be second-to-last, and his CCAx (-28.4) would be sixth-worst, his xACC of -1.84 would be the second worst in baseball and his AAx of -1.84 would have also been second worst. Hernandez missed 10 or more calls in seven of the 10 games he had behind the plate. He also regularly misses calls in the field and kind of seems to be a jerk despite his horrid performance.

He's incredibly lucky his union continues to stand by him. Otherwise, he'd be out of a job.