The New Texas Rangers Stadium Didn't Come Out as Planned

Globe Life Field
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Fresh pictures have been released of the brand-spanking-new Texas Rangers stadium that will, against all odds, host some baseball this summer. It, um, did not really come out the way they said it would.

When the roof is retracted, it does look like a nice new baseball stadium. But the exterior... Man. A generous way to describe it would be "gray." It is not exactly what the team said it would look like when they released digital rendering of the outside after announcing the new field.

What happened?
What happened? /

Yeah, they might've missed the mark a bit. There is nothing resembling anything like that in our first look at the finished product. Perhaps that massive fire a few months back put a dent in those plans.

A swing and a miss, which is a tough blow for a multi-million dollar complex. Maybe they're waiting to install a garden later? One can only hope.