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Zion Williamson Thinks He Could Have Made It in the NFL

Liam McKeone
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson / Justin Ford/Getty Images

Regardless of how his career plays out, Zion Williamson can lay claim to being one of the best athletes to step foot on a basketball court. The NBA is filled with some of the best athletes in the world. Even then, some stand above their peers as exceptionally athletic. And then there's Zion, who firmly belongs in his own tier of "Oh my God" levels of athleticism.

Some folks on this earth are simply built to play sports. Williamson is definitely one of them. So it comes as no surprise that he believes he could have made it in football, if he so chose. He told Shannon Sharpe as much on the FOX Sports host's Club Shay Shay podcast.

I mean, yeah, I have no doubts he'd be able to make anything happen if it involves jumping high and moving at speeds a man his size has no right to reach. Tight end seems appropriate, although at 6-foot-8 and north of 270 pounds, he'd make a Hall of Fame left tackle.

Imagine this dude at the NFL combine. It would be unreal. An LT who outjumps most of the receivers and running backs with a 40-time that would probably clock in at 4.50-ish. Williamson would be an unholy combination of Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and Rob Gronkowski.

Alas. Such things are left for hypotheticals and Madden Create-A-Player.