Don't Make Stephen A. Smith Tell Everyone Zion Williamson is Hiding Food From the Pelicans


I was somehow blissfully unaware that Stephen A. Smith and the New Orleans Pelicans were in a social media beef stemming from the comments ESPN's No. 1 dude made about the power forward's weight. Awful Announcing put together a nice explainer if you want to catch up.

Last night he posted further commentary on the subject, at one point saying he was "just joking."

"I was joking around about Zion Williamson not eating too much," Smith said. "We need him healthy, on a good diet so he is strong and powerful. I did not imply that he is not doing it now. I said it is a concern, Antonio Daniels. I said it is a concern New Orleans Pelicans. And I was half joking because I am rooting for the kid. And I’m rooting for the franchise."

If you thought that would be the end of it, what are you a moron, because Smith is out this morning with even more thoughts. And it sounds like the joking portion of the program is over.

"Do I have to get into details about the issues that the New Orleans Pelicans have had with keeping him from stuffing his face and his stomach? Smith asked. "About how this brother has hidden food? Literally. I'm not speculating. Hidden food from y'all because you work for the Pelicans too so we wouldn't know how much he was eating. Stop! Stop it! You know it's true."

Obviously there's no need to get into the details of all of that because he just did, which makes this part a bit confusing.

"I've been covering the NBA for 30 years," Smith continued before providing even more details about Williamson's situation. "Do you know how much stuff I could say but you know I never would because I don't violate people and I don't violate trust like that?"

This is a tricky one. Williamson's ability to stay healthy is a valid concern. Depending on the week there is more or less of him to love. It is totally inbounds to question his commitment to fitness because that's a pretty damn important aspect of being a basketball player. At the same time we've made great strides in terms of understanding the mental side of people's struggles when it comes to dependency and one's relationship with food is far more complicated than hey, that guy just likes to eat.

It seems like everyone is just doing their job. You might not like the approach Smith is using and some of the clearly insulting phrases but his job is to spark conversation and if his information is accurate then more power to him for packaging it up in the most compelling package. And the Pelicans are doing their job in defending/protecting a valuable asset from public ridicule.

I don't think they're going to solve this one because there's no reason for either side to back down. Until something more interesting on the sports docket mercifully takes up more oxygen.