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Zion Williamson and Duke Are Just Messing With Everyone Now


Duke’s Zion Williamson is a hulking tower of power who accomplishes things through brute force and uncommonly developed talent. His thunderous dunks and ferocious blocks are rightly disseminated to the masses for marvel and awe. But he is not a one-note guy. He has more than one speed. There’s an artistic side to his game.

During a rout of Hartford Thursday night, Williamson passed up the opportunity to rock the rim himself and shared the sugar with R.J. Barrett via a backboard pass.

It was very cool and borderline mean to the visiting Hawks.

What’s truly scary about Williamson is that on a night when he didn’t play his best game, he still put up 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds while going 8 of 14 from the field. Even scarier is that Cam Reddish struggled mightily and none of it mattered because Barrett was there to put up 27 points on 10-of-14 shooting while snagging 15 boards himself.

Good luck with this team.