Jets Teammates Upset Zach Wilson Won't Say 'I'm the Problem, It's Me'

Al Pereira/GettyImages

The New York Jets are in the process of slowly revealing themselves to be a very unserious football team when it comes to making the playoffs. That journey took a major step yesterday in Foxboro as they allowed the New England Patriots to win on a last-second punt return. Sophomore quarterback Zach Wilson, who hasn't been much better than Joe Flacco or Mike White, managed to accumulate all of 77 yards passing and authored a disastrous postgame performance seemingly aimed at generating days full of tabloid fodder.

Wilson refused to state the obvious and take accountability. He did let the team down! We all saw it. He also blamed the wind. This a week after saying no one who isn't inside the team facility has any idea what they are talking about. And that's reportedly pissed off some older, savvier teammates who wish he'd be more like Taylor Swift.

Wilson’s stance at the postgame news conference wasn’t just to spurn the media. Sources inside the Jets’ losing locker room told SNY that Wilson was walking around after the game “like he isn’t the problem.” It rubbed more than a few the wrong way, frustrating several others.

It's still early for Wilson. He's 23. But it does seem like this is the basic public relations stuff a high-profile quarterback would be able to master. One can understand if Jets fans are worried about him having this thing where he gets older but never wiser and will end up in crisis is left to his own dismissive devices. That he's stared directly in the camera but not in the mirror is a real cause for concern. Just ask his teammates, who are apparently just as shocked tha the doesn't get it.

Must be exhausting to root for such an anti-hero.