Kyle Kuzma, Spencer Dinwiddie Rip Each Other in Extremely Random NBA Beef

Washington Wizards v New Orleans Pelicans
Washington Wizards v New Orleans Pelicans / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Kyle Kuzma and Spencer Dinwiddie were teammates for 44 games with the Washington Wizards during the 2021-22 season. This was apparently enough time for real dislike to develop between the two parties and their feud carried over into the public eye today. Why? That's a bit unclear. But the fireworks are going off anyway so we should enjoy them.

This all started way back in January, when Dinwiddie (still a member of the Dallas Mavericks at the time) said after a loss to Washington that the Wiz were not "trying to play winning basketball" and it was all a showcase to get paid. This is in line with other public comments he's made regarding his tenure in Washington. Kuzma saw it and responded with a shot of his own that would prove to be remarkably prescient even if he had no idea how much the Mavs would change over the next few months.

Dinwiddie never responded and this went mostly unnoticed until Wednesday, when he was asked about it by Michelle Beadle on FanDuel TV's Run It Back. Dinwiddie stewed for a moment before referencing Draymond Green's "insecurity is loud" tweet. If it was just that, the moment probably would have passed. Instead Dinwiddie then tore into Kuzma personally, saying his priorities do not align with winning and he isn't even a third star on a good team.

It was a lot!

The kiddie gloves came off and Kuzma responded in kind with a seven-tweet thread just ripping Dinwiddie. He also bestowed upon his former teammate a nickname that I personally doubt will go anywhere anytime soon-- "Dinshittie island."

Here are all the tweets for your enjoyment.

Goodness gracious. The crypto line was the best of the bunch. What an entirely unexpected beef we find on our plates today.

It is really too bad they waited until the games were played to escalate like this. Who knows when they'll see each other again with Kuzma's impending free agency? Chippy play on the court beats trading Twitter shots any day of the week. Alas. We will appreciate this drama for what it is-- completely unnecessary and more entertaining than it has any right to be.

The NBA has now gone zero days without being dramatic. Reset the clock!