Yes, Matthew Berry Has a Cameo In Avengers: Endgame


As many have noticed, that was indeed ESPN’s Matthew Berry in that Avengers: Endgame cameo. For the first time, Berry opened up about the experience below:

Bobby Burack: Explain to us how this all came about.

Matthew Berry: I’m friends with Joe Russo, who’s one of the directors. He and his brother Anthony directed this movie and have directed Infinity Wars and Captain America films.

Joe is a big fantasy football player. Joe was actually introduced to me by my brother, who he worked with a long, long time ago. When Joe found out who my brother’s brother was, me, Joe has read my column for years and years, so my brother introduced us.

We just became friends and play in a fantasy league together. So, a few years ago, Joe called me and said, “Hey, do you want to be in the movie?” Of course, I said yes. He knew what a massive fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) I was.

Burack: What was that exact moment like?

Berry: I didn’t believe it. Joe called me and said I have a part that is perfect for you. I was like, “Great, yeah, I would love to do it.” After he hung up, I thought he would just forget about it or someone would catch wind of it and say, “They’re not putting that guy in.” I sort of didn’t believe it. But a week later, I get a call from the first AD of the Avengers saying he heard I would be joining them soon and was here to talk logistics. I thought, “Oh my God, this is happening.”

It was very nervous excitement.

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Burack: Did you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to do this?

Berry: I had to sign many. Many, many NDAs. And, in fact, up until today, I wasn’t even allowed to publicly acknowledge that I was in the movie. Marvel, Disney, the Russo family, and everyone there knows spoilers are just no fun. That is important to me, anyway. I’ve signed a bunch of NDAs, but I hate spoilers to begin with and was going to be extra careful and was very protective about that. But, yes, many.

Burack: How much of the film’s outcome did you know from taping the cameo? 

Berry: I knew very little. I knew what happened in my scene. My scene is a fairly pivotal scene with a lot of spoilers in it. Because of that, and who was in my scene, I was able to piece together the general plot. I knew the ending because of something someone said.

One of the endings, there was a couple of different endings. I knew one major thing that happened at the end because of something someone said to me on set.

Burack: How many cuts did it take you during the film process?

Berry: I crushed my stuff, actually. I knew my lines. When you don’t have many lines and have a long time to think about them, it was fine. They never had to redo anything for me. First off, we did a rehearsal scene a couple of times before they turned on the cameras. That put me at ease.

The other part of it, I just want to say, the Russo brothers run such an amazing set. It is so supportive. You get on set and not sure how people will react to you. There were real movie people and here comes some fantasy football guy. I didn’t know if they were going to shun me or what. Nope. I couldn’t believe how welcoming they were to me. They even asked for my ideas on things. That all comes from the Russo brothers.

Credit to everyone on the set. The Russo brothers are awesome people and Robert Downey Jr., as well.

Burack: Describe this overall process and what it means for you.

Berry: Bucket list. Dream come true. Life achievement. One of the greatest things ever to happen in my life. Until the day I die, I am a cast member for Avengers: End Game. Which looks like it will be one of, if not the, biggest movie of all-time. I am a very small footnote, but I am in the MCU. If everything else fails at ESPN, I can still go to Comic-Con.

It’s just super cool. Thanks to the power of fantasy football and ESPN, I’ve gotten to do a lot of really cool stuff. I’m very blessed to do all of it.

Burack: Do you have any idea if you will be doing any more cameos going forward?

Berry: I hope so. I would love to. Nothing will top this, but, yes, I would love to.

Burack: You were very vocal when LeSean McCoy spoiled the move on Twitter. What else would you like to add on that situation? 

Berry: I thought it was incredibly selfish and unaware of LeSean McCoy to do something like that. I think it was basically three tweets. You have to understand this is a movie that has been 10 years in the making. This is the 22nd film in the series. Clearly, if you read McCoy’s tweets, it is not his first movie. He is familiar with the Marvel Universe by the way he reacted to something that was in the movie.

It has been said, don’t spoil this movie. Still, don’t spoil this movie. It was this huge thing to not spoil the movie as the decency of a human being. Come on. I bet McCoy enjoyed the movie because nobody spoiled it for him. For him to do that on social media, shows such an incredible amount of selfishness toward people in general.

I just thought it was awful. Sadly, I don’t think it was surprising. I’ve met LeSean a couple of times, interviewed him a few times. I won’t speak to things I heard, I will only speak to things I have experienced personally. It is disappointing but not surprising to see him do that.

Burack: What do you want everyone to remember about this? 

Berry: I can’t thank the Russo brothers, Marvel, Disney, and Downey Jr. enough. They are all amazing human beings that made this the experience of a lifetime. I’m just so happy that it is out and I can talk about it.

I filmed it two years ago. I’ve been sitting on this for two years. It’s been so surreal. I’m in a scene with a bunch of massively talented actors. One of these things didn’t belong. I just couldn’t believe it. Then it happened and it didn’t get cut. All of it is cool, Bobby. But to see the reaction of fans on social media, DMs, text from friends, colleague, and people I went to high school with. Very few people knew. There were a couple people at ESPN that knew, very few at ESPN. Just sort of my immediate supervisors and people I do my podcast with. Shout out to Field Yates, who filled in for me that allowed me to go film this. Really want to thank Field. Very few people in my life knew because I was under so many NDAs. Nobody has said, “Dude, you ruined the scene.”

I love hearing from fans. I still don’t want to spoil it for people that weren’t able to go see it opening weekend. So, I haven’t responded to a bunch of stuff. This interview with you, Bobby, will be the intro to my preseason Love/Hate column where I will go into much more detail. That will come out in August. If you have more questions, I promise I will answer all of them.

When you think about the massive amount of movie stars in this movie you can now play the Kevin Bacon game with me a million different ways.