Yankees Used #BAEROD Hashtag to Mark Alex Rodriguez Grand Slam


Alex Rodriguez hit a go-ahead grand slam — the 25th of his career, a record — to propel the Yankees past the Twins Tuesday night in the Bronx. How did the team mark the occasion? By combining emojis along with a portmanteau of A-Rod and the word bae — #BAEROD. Obviously.

Actually … let’s just look at the tweet itself:

Yeah. Let it sink in. I’d pay, maybe, $18.34 to hear someone try to explain everything about that tweet — and Twitter itself — to former baseball commish Bud Selig.

Anyways, we’ve come a long way from the winter when A-Rod was public enemy No. 1 inside the Yankees front office. Hell, in Spring Training they didn’t even want to mention his name at all on social media. A couple months (and 25 home runs later) and here we are with emojis and hashtags and all this other fun stuff.

Alternately: Who says baseball isn’t hip?

And it goes without saying … what a time to be alive.

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