Yankees Fan Drinks Beer Through Hot Dog Straw, Twitter Loses Mind


The New York Yankees and New York Mets played in the Bronx on Monday night. One man chose violence. Or more accurately, he chose to drink his beer using a hot dog as a straw. The (almost?) too perfect video was captured by a fan and posted on Instagram by a New York City-centric Instagram account. Within the hour many people had viewed the video online.

As of the time this article was posted, tens of thousands have like the video on Instagram and copies were destined for tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of views on Twitter. And why not? This is an outrageous thing. Hot dogs are not meant to be used as straws. The way the video was shot it almost makes you wonder if this was his first beer and hot dog straw combination of the night. Or maybe the man was just so surgical sticking his straw through the middle of his hot dog that you couldn't help but pull our your phone to take video just in case.

This is the kind of thing that will be discussed online at length. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Who cares. Is a hot dog a straw? I think we have a new debate on our hands. Just don't ever say America isn't capable of innovation.