Yankee Stadium Replica Made of 75,000 Matchsticks Only Took Three Years to Make


Bill “Brother Beans” Becker, an 86-year-old avid Yankee fan from New Jersey, erected a Yankee Stadium replica made entirely of matchsticks. The lofty task took three years and 75,000 matches to complete. Becker would apparently burn each match, which I assume took the entire first year to do, scrape off the char, and then fold what remained.

I fully expect Rain Man to counter with a Citi Field replica made entirely of toothpicks, and for construction to be complete in approximately 23 minutes.

Becker’s story makes for that rare example of productive use of time in retirement. Rather than do strange old people things like mark purchase dates on shampoo bottles and salad dressing, he chose to spend his time doing something he enjoyed.