Yadier Molina's Response to Getting Booed in Cincinnati was Fantastic

By Mike Cardillo

Admittedly this is an unpopular stance to take in 2015, but whatever. I still like the long-winded, on-field player introductions at the All Star Game. Yes, thanks to the powers of the MLB At Bat app you can watch pretty much any game at any time in any place … blackout rules aside. Tuesday night the introductions were fairly standard and rote, aside from Cincinnati fans lustily booing Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina — who was front in center of a brawl between the teams five years ago.

For his part, Molina lapped up the boos like any good wrestling heel would …

His answer, when asked about it, might be even better than the Rob Van Dam impression.

For whatever it’s worth Molina is better hitter at the Great American Ballpark than else here. In Cincy his career line is .319/.352/.500 over 73 games, compared to .284/.38/.400 in his 12 years in the Majors overall. During his time with St. Louis, the Cardinals have won the National League Central six times and a pair of World Series.

This also serves as a good reminder sports fans have (selective) long memories.

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[Photo via USA Today Sports Images]