Here's How the XFL Draft Will Work

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Everything's getting a reboot these days, and football leagues are no exception. The XFL is set to undergo and a new, refreshed resurrection, one that still seeks to be innovative.

So who will participate in this league? We'll find out later this month, as the reboot will host a draft from its home office in Stamford, Connecticut to determine inaugural rosters. Players have already received invites from commissioner Oliver Luck.

This XFL draft won't be like your fantasy proceedings in your basement, as the league makes it first of many changes to the game through the selection process. Here's what you need to know...

1. When is the XFL Draft?

The XFL Draft will take place on October 15 and 16.

2. Who's Coming?

After a summer of player showcases in each of its eight cities, the XFL has begun to send invitations to players eligible to be chosen in the draft. These names are set to be revealed in the days leading up to draft, beginning on Tuesday.

3. How to Keep Track

Next week's pair of draft day will not be traditionally televised, but fans can still keep track of the XFL draft's progress via the league's official website and social media accounts. The league's eight teams will also unveil their selections through their own social media channels.

4. Pass First

As with other leagues, there will be some special attention diverted to quarterbacks. The previous attempt at a spring league, the doomed Alliance of American Football, knew this and dedicated a special draft specifically to quarterbacks.

In contrast, the XFL draft is set to assign a quarterback to each squad prior the draft process. Details behind that process have yet to be revealed, but it's possible the league will use local names seen at the individual showcases held in the eight cities this summer. For example, the league's first signee, ex-NFLer Landry Jones, began his XFL journey at such an event in Dallas.

5. Phasing Out

Now comes the fun part: the XFL draft itself. It will not be a free-for-all like typical drafts, but, rather separated by "Phases" like the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it.

"Skill Players", consisting of running backs, receivers, tight ends, and unassigned quarterbacks, will make up Phase 1. Phases 2 and 3 respectively cover offensive linemen and the front seven defenders (defensive linemen and linebackers). After secondary selections fill out Phase 4, the final and fifth Phase becomes "Open Draft", consisting of the leftovers from the first four periods and specialists.

The first four phases will last 10 rounds each. The open Phases will last 31 selections, giving teams an initial roster of 71 players.

The XFL draft order was conducted via a lottery system overseen by Luck. Much like your fantasy proceedings, it will use a "snake" format, meaning that a team's ensuing draft pick will be flipped from it's prior choice. For example, the DC Defenders hold the top pick in the opening round of the Skill Players portion. They will then choose last in the second round, before picking first once again in the third. View the full draft order below....

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