X X's More X Than Twitter

Congrats on the X.

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Twitter has undergone one of the dumber rebrandings in history as Elon Musk insists that the social media company is now called "X," which is the same thing he's been trying to name everything he's been involved with for more than two decades. Anyway, everyone hates it and no one is going to call it that. Partly because we've all had Twitter in our lives for more than a decade and partly because there are a lot of other things that we've associated with X.


X-rated films have been around since 1968 when Brian De Palma's Greetings earned the first X (later changed to an R). If you don't know that trivia answer, you might be more familiar with Ti West's X starring Mia Goth. That's a movie about people making a porno. XXX is also the universal sign for adult films.

Anyone Named Xavier

Anyone named Xavier is either known as X-Man or X. From current Memphis Grizzlies player Xavier Tillman Sr. to retired player Xavier McDaniel who said something X-rated in his cameo in the Gen X comedy Singles.

Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X, even started a school for gifted children in Westchester. Those students become X-Men.

Xavier University has an X logo and a giant X on their basketball court.

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Elong Musk has been divorced three times from two different women. His latest ex-girlfriend, Grimes, is still active on Twitter. When discussing any of these people, he would call them an ex.


RIP Earl Simmons. Dark Man X, or simply X, will give it to ya.


The popular club drug is commonly known as ecstacy, which is then shortened to E or X.


The 2002 Vin Diesel movie has inspired two sequels and another may be in the works with Diesel reprising the role of Xander Cage. Oh yeah, anybody named Xander is probably also called X. Two time World Series champion Xander Bogaerts for example.

Pirate Treasure

X marks the spot. Even if Dr. Jones says it never, ever marks the spot, it often does in popular culture.

Math and Sports and Pop Culture

X is generally used to tell you to multiple. Or by coaches to draw up plays using X's and O's. Or by Dez Bryant to celebrate a touchdown.

Dez Bryant
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It's also the Roman numberal ten, which you may have noticed if you saw Fast X or Jason X or Saw X. Not that an X in the title means its the tenth film in a series. You've got the the X-Files and Project X and American History X.

Crotch Chops

Inviting someone to "suck it" by crossing your arms in front of your bathing suit area has been in popular culture since D-Generation X started doing it in the late 90's. While there are different variations on the move, its association with DX lives on.

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Close Tab

X is the universal symbol for closing a window or tab or app or anything computer related. It translates from iOS to Windows and everything in between in every language. And you can do it now if you really need to. Thanks for stopping by!