WWE's Titus O'Neil Reportedly Suspended "Upwards of 90 Days" for Crossing Vince McMahon

Ryan Glasspiegel

Titus O’Neil, a mid-card wrestler in WWE, has been suspended for lightly grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm at the end of Daniel Bryan’s retirement ceremony on Raw Monday, according to a report from PW Insider. The GIF above is the best visual I can find of the incident.

O’Neil is a former WWE tag-team champion as one-half of the Prime Time Players with Darren Young, but recently has been more of a singles competitor. The PW Insider report says that the suspension is substantial—“upwards of 90 days,” which would put him out past WrestleMania.

Last year, WWE widely publicized O’Neil’s community service work, for which he won the substantial-sounding award of Celebrity Dad of the Year.

It is unknown what could have possibly been going through his head approaching Vince McMahon at that specific moment—how could he have ever thought that was a good idea?—but pro wrestling remains steeped in surreality.

[Photo via Getty]