Would You Spend Christmas With Skip Bayless?


Skip Bayless posted a clip from his podcast earlier this week where he broke down the four movies he watches with his family every Christmas. The first two minutes of this clip are full of heartfelt self-reflection as Skip compares himself to Scrooge and his wife Ernestine to Jacob Marley while explaining his favorite version of A Christmas Carol is the 1938 version starring Reginald Owen.

The second half of the video is a little more surprising. Skip agrees with Kyle and I about Home Alone being one of the best Christmas movies ever, as well as hilarious. And he's right, the sequel does almost live up to the original. "What hilarity ensues when the sun goes down and the Wet Bandits attempt to rob the home where Kevin is alone."

Then Skip goes comedy again, thanking John Hughes for both Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. Who knew? Of course, the ultimate Skip moment comes in the final seconds of the video as he reveals the fourth movie he watches every year as Die Hard which, "definitely, no questions asked, is a Christmas movie." End clip. Perfect. No notes.

Now, having heard all this... would you spend Christmas with the Baylesses? That's a pretty decent movie marathon no matter how you look at Die Hard. I'd press to swap in the Muppets Christmas Carol, but I wouldn't want to start a debate on the one day a year Skip takes to contemplate his existence.

Hopefully, Skip will discuss the food options at Bayless Christmas because that might be the deciding factor. He makes a comfortable living so there should be a decent spread. It might not be that bad a time if you can wrangle an invite.