10 Worst Songs of All Time

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Music can be great. It brings joy to many in different ways and unites people. It can also be terrible. Some music is just downright bad. Even the great artists of the times can't hit home runs every time.

Thus, The Big Lead staff got together to talk about some of their least-favorite songs in existence.

Worst Songs of All Time

Kanye West -- "Lift Yourself"

Poopy-di scoop
Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
Poop, poop
Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop

These are real lyrics put into a real song produced by one of the greatest musical minds to grace the planet. Kanye West is a talent the likes of which we may never see again yet he has this in his discography. Literally incomprehensible lyrics. Gibberish, I say! The rest of the song is fine but I still have trouble understanding how anybody let him put this on Ye. An atrocity. -- Liam McKeone

Starship -- "We Built This City"

If you like this song, I hate you. -- Ryan Phillips

4 Non Blondes - "What's Up?"

I most closely associate this song with the dentist office. It's the kind of harmless, boring garbage that plays in waiting rooms to this day. The chorus is like nails on a chalkboard and is somehow made even more offensive by Linda Perry's steampunk wardrobe choices. To this day I shudder when that acoustic guitar starts strumming. -- Stephen Douglas

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OMC -- "How Bizarre"

Find me another entry in this list that had an entire episode of Undeclared focused on its atrociousness. Remember Undeclared? More people should be talking about that show. Where was I? Oh, yeah. This one is a real sleeper agent, terrorizing you in the moment and embedding itself so deeply in your mental fibers that you're singing it for weeks. -- Kyle Koster

Limp Bizkit -- "Nookie"

Listening to this song is just a reminder of how awful everything about late-90s/early 2000s culture was. Seriously, look back on that time and find one redeeming artistic endeavor. I'll wait. -- Phillips

Chumbawamba -- "Tubthumping"

The song and artist here sound like the gagging sound your body makes when using the worst toilet in Scotland from Trainspotting. No amount of whiskey drinks, vodka drinks, lager drinks or cider drinks will ever convince me otherwise. How this became an international phenomenon is beyond me. At least the Macarena had a cool dance. -- Koster

Weezer -- "Beverly Hills"

You know the story. Weezer was one of my favorite bands. Pinkerton was one of the best albums ever. The SNL sketch. Yada, yada, yada. Beverly Hills was just the worst. The fact that it remains their biggest song ever is embarrassing for everyone. You. Me. Weezer. This song is horrible. They still have the ability to make good songs. That will never change the fact that they made Beverly Hills. God dammit, Rivers. -- Douglas

Imagine Dragons -- "Thunder"

Honestly, this could be any Imagine Dragons song. This is the worst popular band of the last 25 years. They deserve to be the punchline of every joke about Nickelback. Is "Thunder" the worst song by this group? I'm not sure and there is no way I'm going to listen to all their songs to make an accurate ruling. I just know that this one is horrible and could stand in for the rest of their bad songs. -- Douglas

MAGIC -- "Rude"

So let me get this straight. A young man goes to ask a gal's dad for her hand in marriage and then accuses him of being rude for balking at the request? Sure, you may be human too but some fathers have a slightly higher bar for their children's spouses than simply being a member of the same species. - Koster

Black Eyed Peas -- "My Humps"

This song is utterly nonsensical laid over the worst kind of pop beat that dominated the mid-aughts. Which means, like many other entries on this list, it's nearly impossible to get out of your head after you remember it exists and you spend half your day upset that you can't stop thinking about it. Sorry!