The 7 Worst First Pitches of All Time

Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The ceremonial first pitch affords people who have absolutely no business on a Major League Baseball mound the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime or create a hilarious moment that will stand the test of time. Every so often footage emerges of a celebrity throwing an impossibly bad pitch in the general vicinity of the dish. In the interest of pure morbid curiosity, we have complied the seven worst first pitches on record.

50 Cent

The No. 50 has a proud tradition in the pitching ranks, with Adam Wainwright and Charlie Morton excelling under its weight. 50 Cent understandably tried to gain entry into that select club back in 2014 when he was tasked with jump-starting a New York Mets home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. His attempt died trying on its way home, sailing off to the left harmlessly and sparking giggles.

Steve Aoki

The newest edition of first pitches behaving badly came just a few days ago at Fenway Park courtesy of the hitmaker, who uncorked a missile that sailed high over it's intended target and halfway up the netting. Even if the BFG were wearing catching gear, he'd have been unable to corral the projectile.

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Anthony Fauci

The Washington Nationals brought in America's doctor to perform pitching surgery in 2020 and everyone involved perished on the table. The masked man yanked one about 54 feet and 15 feet away from the catcher, a la Roger Clemens throwing a sawed-off bat at Mike Piazza.

Mariah Carey

Everyone knows to throw out the records when Yomiuri Giants and the Rakuten Eagles renew hostilities. In 2008, they asked the pop superstar to throw out the first pitch, but dreams of a strike were just a sweet, sweet fantasy. Though it traveled only a few feet in the air, the roll got it where it was going.

Baba Booey

Howard Stern's right hand man proved he doesn't have a blessed right arm back in 2009 when he donned a New York Mets uniform and threw a blimp plateward. The toss was so unthreatening that the home plate umpire attempted to pluck it out of mid-air.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Bravely combining the Carey and the Fauci, the pop singer strode to the bump in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform and ensured she would go viral. She may be able to throw a wish in a well, but not a baseball.

Conor McGregor

There's just something about the New York Mets that cause first-pitch throwers to struggle. The fighting superstar unleashed hell in the general direction without care where the ball landed. Which was a million miles away. To this day he throws hand-trucks more accurately.