World Series Ratings: Giants Sweep of the Tigers Generated Some of the Worst Overnight Ratings in World Series History

By Jason McIntyre

The final numbers, which will probably be out later this week, could translate into the 2012 Fall Classic being the lowest rated ever.

A recap:

Game 1, Wednesday: Up against no other sports, and with arguably the best pitcher in MLB on the mound (Justin Verlander), Pablo Sandoval clubbed three homers but the game wasn’t close and it did an 8.8.

Game 2, Thursday: Up against a Bucs/Vikings on the NFL Network and a Clemson rout of Wake Forest on ESPN, the 0-0 tie through seven innings didn’t excite viewers. An 8.9 overnight.

Game 3, Saturday: Saturday night is always terrible for ratings … doubly so when going up against Notre Dame football (and if you want, toss in the Alabama game on ESPN). You know who stole the social media show Saturday night? James Harden getting traded. The baseball game did a 7.2.

Game 4, Sunday: The 10.6 for the series clincher saved the series.

Given the final numbers of the 2008 and 2010 Series – often, they come in below the overnights – it seems like the 2012 World Series will have the lowest ratings dating back to the early 80s. In fact, if you look at the number of viewers the sport had for the World Series in the 80s, MLB has lost a little more than half its TV audience.

MLB sure could use the Cubs and Yankees in 2013.