World Series Ratings For Game 7: 16.2 Rating, 25.4 Million Viewers

By Jason McIntyre

I thought the thrilling 6th game would have viewers flocking to their TVs for game seven, but after the first inning, Friday’s action was quite dull. There were 11 pitching changes in a 6-2 game.

Yes, the overall ratings for the 2011 World Series were up from 2010, but that’s not saying much, considering how dreadful those ratings were for the 5-game series.

But next year Bud Selig’s extra Wild Card plan goes into effect, so perhaps he’ll get his wish and the Yankees or Red Sox will advance to the World Series. Better yet, maybe the Cubs and Theo arrive ahead of schedule. Nobody would be lamenting ratings if the Cubs got to the Fall Classic.

The saving grace for Selig is that nobody will spend any time talking about ratings, since college football Saturday is in full swing, and then the NFL games are Sunday, and that’s all anyone will talk about Monday. By Tuesday, the nation will be in full Hot Stove mode.