Security is Confiscating Signs Protesting China at Washington Wizards Game

Guangzhou Long Lions v Washington Wizards
Guangzhou Long Lions v Washington Wizards / Will Newton/Getty Images

The NBA's crazy kowtowing to China's ire continues, as fans in Washington got a first-hand taste of that Wednesday night. With the Wizards playing a preseason game against against a Chinese Basketball Association squad, arena security was out in force confiscating any signs protesting China.

During the Wizards' matchup with the Guangzhou Loong Lions, fans had protest signs ripped away and some who uttered protest chants were removed from the building.

Their stories are currently being told on Twitter:

It is not clear if this is arena policy, a directive from the Wizards or a leaguewide policy now. It could be that protest signs are simply not allowed at Capital One Arena.

It's obvious the NBA doesn't want this at its games, but it probably should have seen that coming when it got into bed with China.