Witnesses Claim LSU QB Jordan Jefferson Kicked Man in Head During Bar Fight


"Several people who claim to have witnessed the incident tell 9NEWS that around 2 a.m., a young man driving a truck blew his horn to get a group of people blocking the driveway to move at Shady’s on E. Boyd Ave.  That’s when they say a group of people pulled the driver out of the truck and began beating him.  When a friend of the driver, a Marine who had just returned from training, ran to assist the driver, he was also beaten and thrown to the ground.  Ten people who claim to have witnessed the incident say LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson then kicked the Marine in the head."

Four people were sent to the hospital after the altercation. Police “foresee charges” but aren’t sure which side were the aggressors. Jefferson’s quest for redemption this season, does not seem to be off to a fortuitous start.

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