Wisconsin Says Latrell Sprewell and Anthony Mason Are Delinquent Taxpayers

By Jason McIntyre

No. 3 is something of a surprise: Anthony Mason, the former Milwaukee Bucks’ power forward. The government says Mason owes them $2.07 million in back taxes.

Sprewell’s financial issues have been well-chronicled on this site – he lost his Yacht, his house was being foreclosed a few years ago, but he’s still got the Big Body Benz – but I’m somewhat surprised by Mason, who always struck me as an upstanding, responsible individual. According to one site, Mason was paid about $16 million with the Bucks over four years, and his career NBA salary totaled about $45 million. Sprewell made in the ballpark of $97 million on the basketball court in his career.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue [Wisconsin Delinquent Taxpayers]

[H/T: ArkBadger]