FOX Sports Crew Jumps Around With Wisconsin Fans

Wisconsin / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Wisconsin opened its season against Penn State on Saturday and it was ugly as Big 10 football comes. Lots of offensive errors and defensive excellence mixed in with the occasional broken play deep made it a low-scoring but competitive match-up.

The occasion also marks the first game at Camp Randall Stadium with fans in the stands since the 2019 season. All you CFB nerds know what that means: there was jumping. Around, to be specific, by all the Badgers faithful in the bleachers. And the FOX Sports crew got in on the fun.

Gus Johnson is bobbing. Jenny Taft looks like she's having the time of her life on the sideline. Even in a game that did not show the best of Badgers football, these fans poured their heart and soul into the Jump Around tradition.

Football is back, ladies and gentlemen.