Wimbledon Prize Money, Purse Breakdown: How Much Do the Winners Make?


The oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world is underway. Wimbledon got underway last week and competition will continue this week into Sunday, when the Finals will be played for both men and women. While the winner will enjoy the prestige of winning a Grand Slam title, they will also receive money. Lots of it.

How much money, exactly? In past years, the winners of the Singles tournament have traditionally been the highest earners. Novak Djokovic took home the men's title last year and won a cool £2 million to go along with another trophy for his case. From there the money descends all the way down to those who qualified for the tournament but lost their first match.

Here's what the breakdown looks like for the 2023 event.

Wimbledon Prize Money

The total purse for Wimbeldon 2023 (in pounds, of course) is a whopping £44.7 million, or $58.1 million US dollars according to the current conversion rate. The biggest earners will naturally be the victors of the Singles' competition for men and women; they will receive £2.35 million ($3.1 million) each. The runner-ups will earn a quality consolation prize of £1.17 million ($1.5 million). After that comes the doubles teams, who will take home £600,000 ($779,646). Finally, the mixed doubles will earn £128,000 ($166,330) if they emerge victorious.

Making it that far and winning is not required to earn some prize money, though. First-round losers in the Singles bracket still get £55,000 ($77,471). The absolute lowest a player could receive is if they participate in the Mixed Doubles' bracket and lose in the first round; in that case each partner receives £4,000 ($5,197).

The top winners are receiving nearly 20 percent more than last year's winners and it is reasonable to expect the numbers to continue to increase as the years come and go. It will be a pretty penny for the 2023 winners.