Wilmer Flores Cries On Field, Mets Leave Him in Game Following Carlos Gomez Trade Reports [UPDATES]


Wilmer Flores is reportedly part of the deal that will send Carlos Gomez from the Brewers to the Mets. The pending trade has been widely reported including by ESPN, the New York Daily News, and various other places online. The deal won’t be official until physicals are done.

For whatever the reason Flores remained in Wednesday night’s Mets’ game vs. the Padres where he was caught shedding tears while returning to his position at short after receiving an ovation during an at bat. So in typical Mets fashion they appear to make a good move — acquire Gomez — but still leave Flores in the game and allow this scene to happen.

Meanwhile Ken Rosenthal added this as why Flores stayed in the game.

Added ESPN’s TJ Quinn:

Only the Mets …

And yeah, if a team was going to have a trade blow up in spectacular fashion it would only be one team … the Mets.

Ruben Tejada eventually pinch-hit for Flores in the bottom of the ninth.

UPDATE: Here’s what Mets manager Terry Collins said afterward, saying he didn’t know about the trade talk during the game:

UPDATE NO. 2: Mets GM Sandy Alderson says there won’t be a deal.

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