Will Levis Looks Incredibly Jacked

Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Back in December, Kentucky quarterback Will Levis was in the worst shape of his career after a few pesky injuries played defense on his last season with the Wildcats. You could barely see his eight-pack!

This was bad news for the first-round hopeful who has succeeded in having many different NFL Draft stargazers do the homework and emerge with wildly different answers as to which team will select him and how early on in the night that might be.

So he got to business transforming his body in advance of the combine and rumor mill season. Now he looks ... well, he looks good.

It's incredible what good lighting will do. That and apparently setting up a sleeping bag under a Smith machine and just living there.

Levis revealed he'd gained four pounds. And we love that for him as a blog that celebrates each other's gains.

If nothing else, he's setting himself up for a short-yardage package from the Taysom Hill-Tim Tebow fall collection.