Will Levis is Now a NFL Draft Green Room Legend

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
2023 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Will Levis was not drafted on the first night of the 2023 NFL Draft. This was despite the fact that some random person on Reddit said he'd be drafted first earlier this week. Even if that was completely made up, the league still invited Levis and his family to attend the draft and sit in the green room, which they only do when they're fairly certain a player will actually go in the first round.

Instead, we got four hours of watching Will Levis make funny faces while his family told him it would be alright. And the truth is, it will be. If Levis is good, sliding ten, twenty, thirty spots into the second round won't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. If he's not, well, the teams made the right call and the NFL is the one who messed up and allowed themselves to be misled. That's not on Levis.

He's far from the first quarterback prospect to slide after a green room invite. We've watched MVPs Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers wait around much longer than anticipated. We've seen Brady Quinn and Johnny Manziel sit there uncomfortably for most of the night. We've even seen a quarterback show up and not get picked until the next day with Geno Smith. Unfortunately, none of them had made-up percentages for their slides.

And now we've got Will Levis. Truthfully, he did a great job. He chose to live, laugh, love rather than cry it out. His family kept a brave face and his sister smiled while she collected Instagram followers and his girlfriend was introduced to America over and over again.

He made funny faces. He sat there and stared at his phone for four hours. You know, like everyone does all day, every day. He appeared very human. So much so that you might want to root for him after he showed so much poise in the spotlight on what was supposed to be the biggest night of his life.

No one knows what he'll do today. Did he have to sleep in the green room? Does he live there until a team selects him? Will he go somewhere he can compete for a starting job or end up being a project backup for a team with an entrenched veteran under center? Does he still get a bro hug from Roger Goodell?

None of it matters. Levis' wait will end soon. He'll be in the NFL. His four-plus anguishing hours will be reduced to a single clip in a montage of other players who also dropped a few picks in the draft. Whatever Levis accomplishes in his career, the night he wasn't drafted won't look so bad, but it will also live on forever.