Will Grier Reportedly Gained 43 Pounds in a Year; Allegedly Failed Test for Ligandrol [UPDATE]


Will Grier has been suspended for the remainder of the year. Multiple outlets are reporting the Florida quarterback failed a PED test. The details now appear to be sorted out — earlier, one ESPN reporter said it was an unnamed, unapproved over-the-counter issue, which is what Grier said in the press conference. It’s now being reported that the substance was ligandrol.

The Gators are denying it was ligandrol, but they refuse to say what the drug was.

Nevertheless, given that this is now out there, it’s natural to look back and try to find out whether Grier had a discernible change in physique. As it turns out, there’s a story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (which was aggregated from this College Spun post on a tweet from a Jacksonville radio host) from this August that claimed Grier put on 43 pounds between arriving on campus and a year later as a redshirt freshman:

And it seems to have done wonders for Florida quarterback Will Grier, who’s reportedly taken the “freshman 15” to a new level. Apparently, he’s bulked up to 215 pounds after weighing in at 172 as a freshman. That’s a significant increase. Grier basically went from being a super middleweight to a heavyweight over the course of a year. You have to wonder what in the world he ate throughout his freshman year, because we all know it wasn’t the old peanut-butter-sandwich trick.

With his new size, Grier will likely have a good shot at dethroning sophomore quarterback Treon Harris for the starting gig. Last year, Harris threw for 1,019 yards and nine touchdowns while Grier was redshirted. Maybe he brought peanut butter sandwiches to the game. Whatever the case may be, his father, Chad, is just happy he’s been stuffing his face like a bodybuilder.

This doesn’t appear to be beer and Taco Bell weight. Perhaps some more light will be shed on the background of this situation later, but it’s more likely that there will be a bunch of conflicting reports, and everyone will be left to draw their own conclusions.

Another weird wrinkle to the story is that there was apparently a post on a message board foreshadowing the failed test:


The plot thickens.