Will Ferrell Had Another Weird Super Bowl Ad For Old Milwaukee [Video]


Will Ferrell has been making what can best be called experimental Indie guerrilla television ads for Old Milwaukee beer since 2011. During last year’s Super Bowl, Ferrell and Old Milwaukee made a commercial that only aired in the second-smallest television market in the country, North Platte, Nebraska. The ads are a combination of effective viral advertising and just something Will Ferrell has decided is hilarious.

This year the ad featured Ferrell making out with a middle-aged Asian woman on a public bus. Then, a brief glimpse of a 6-pack of Old Milwaukee in another passenger’s grocery bag. If that doesn’t scream Old Milwaukee, what does? According to Ad Week, the commercial only aired in Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Glendive, Montana.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ad campaign, or just want a refresher, Ferrell did an interview with the AV Club that has some of your answers.

AVC: What was the context? It seems like there’s some sort of broad framework for social-media promotion between Funny Or Die and Pabst.

WF: I just love Old Milwaukee. That’s my official answer.

AVC: So it was just “It’d be fun to do a series of bad commercials”?

WF: No, I just love a good, crappy beer.

I’ll drink to that.