Will Cain Reportedly Nearing Deal to Leave ESPN, Join Fox News

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Front Office Sports' Michael McCarthy reported that Fox News was trying to snag Will Cain away from ESPN.

This afternoon, the New York Post's Andrew Marchand said that departure "appears imminent." Cain, who hosts the 3 p.m.-6 p.m. daily program for ESPN Radio, is a natural fit for Fox, which could use him on Fox Nation and arguably carve out a larger long-term role.

If such a move does become a reality with pace, it will leave some prime real estate vacant. Marchand also writes about some longer-term possibilities for ESPN that would essentially take everything off the board and mean starting over, including Trey Wingo leaving mornings, Dan Le Batard and his merry band leaving the network entirely, and Mike Greenberg making an return to the airwaves.

It's a lot to digest.

ESPN Radio debuted First Take, Your Take in place of The Stephen A. Smith Show back in December. Now it will reportedly need to find a replacement for the other afternoon program -- and at a time when logistics make everything a bit harder. A huge move like Greenberg or Max Kellerman is a possibility, though doesn't seem likely on this event horizon. Jorge Sedano feels like a more plausible plug-and-play.

While Cain may not be ESPN's biggest star, his value -- at least to the outside -- is tougher to truly quantify because he has a unique voice that isn't readily replaceable. Finding someone to resonate with those who vibe with his outlook on the world and in the markets where his brand of content plays is not an area where the company has a deep bench.