Why Won't Tom Thibodeau Play Cam Reddish?

New York Knicks v Milwaukee Bucks
New York Knicks v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Cam Reddish was traded to the New York Knicks three weeks ago in a deal for Kevin Knox and a 2022 first-round pick. After struggling to find a consistent role in his third season in Atlanta, Reddish has faced even more of the same in New York. Reddish has played just 20 total minutes since joining the Knicks and has earned three DNP-CD's in the last five games. Four of those games were Knicks losses.

After the Knicks lost on Friday night, coach Tom Thibodeau explained that Reddish was unlikely to crack the rotation anytime soon. Via the New York Post:

"We like who he is. We like the talent, and right now — it’s a long season. We knew we traded someone who wasn’t in the rotation, so you can’t keep adding to it without taking someone out. We can have injuries, so just have to be patient and work our way through it.”

Of course, that was days ago. Apparently cursed with good health, the Knicks are now reportedly looking to trade a veteran to make room for Reddish in the lineup, something Tom Thibodeau might not have ever wanted. In a recent appearance on Chad Ford's podcast, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer suggested Thibodeau wasn't thrilled about landing Reddish in the first place.

You would think that Thibodeau would be thrilled to have a young guy that he could run into the ground. It seems like it's been years since he's had a real workhorse or two. Heck, the only Knicks player in the top 20 in minutes per game is Julius Randle.

You would think Thibodeau would be thrilled to add a guy who was in a rotation for a playoff team last season. The Knicks are desperate for solid play right now. They've lost seven of nine and are 24-28 this season, which currently puts them in 12th place in the Eastern Conference. Reddish is currently their only chance to try something different. The only question is will Thibodeau actually try it or is he already wearing out his welcome in New York.